3rd Export USA Forum – Alpha Labels was there


3rd Export USA Forum – Alpha Labels was there


3rd Export USA Forum – Alpha Labels was there

Faithful to the mentality that the continuous update for our branch’s issues is the A and Z, in order to offer to our collaborates high quality services, we could not but attend the “3rdExport USA Forum”, during the 83rdThessaloniki International Forum.

The 3rdUSA Forum titled “FoodUSA: Innovation & Disruption in ON” had as a central issue  the American food industry. During its workings, experts from the USA market analyzed issues concerning how consuming behavior shapes market’s trends, which are the steps to create new products on market, what are American consumers looking for and how the innovation-disruption model is the developing tool for this industry.

Turning into specialty products in the USA market

According to information presented in the forum, until 2017 America’s market has shaped up at 140 million euros including retail and in food industry 65% of the consumers buy specialty products, meaning products which are either in small packages or include a characteristic ingredient, like spinach flavored bread sticks, said the manager of the  TradeUSA Lead of American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce John Moisoglou.

From the ten primary product categories, the seven ones are already…in the refrigerators and they are, as Mr Moisoglou stated, “cheese, seafood, products tending to healthy eating”.

Meanwhile, choice and purchase of products criteria which used to dominate the consumers’ final decision, such as easiness, price or taste have been tossed aside, since the decisive “factors” resulting in which product to purchase have changed drastically. As Mr Moisoglou explained,  consumers no longer buy based on the old criteria (…), all this has evolved, and is evolving more in everyday nutrition, they check how healthy they eat, their products’ ingredients, how have the producers grown their product with safety (food safety).

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