#LABELicious Contest: The European Design Label Competition


#LABELicious Contest: The European Design Label Competition

FINAT, the European Association for the Label Industry, on the occasion of its 60th birthday, is organizing the #LABELicious Contest, the European Design Label Competition.

The contest is open to young people from the age of 18 to 25 years old and contestants are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions for labels in three categories:

  1. Smart / Intelligent / Multifunctional Labels: Really fresh and workable ideas on how technology combines with the explanatory / functional label that will give a better sense and improve the image of the client by 2025 are sought. The proposal should describe how technology makes the label add value directly to the product, gives functionality and creates methods or promotional techniques.
  2. Brand Design: The next generation of talents is called to renew label design both in visualization and in terms of profitable and functional perspective. The proposal should describe how an identifiable label will create in 2025 a special sense with its design and how it can offer competitive advantages and added value for a company’s products.
  3. Sustainability: In these category a new kind of approach that constantly improves the labeling industry should be proposed. The proposal should describe how in 2025 a new kind of approach to label design, production and implementation can positively contribute to the stability of performance.

The winners of these three categories will win a week of work experience, a free visit to Labelexpo in Brussels, where the award ceremony and a money prize will take place.

However, regardless of who will win the prizes, the most important of all is the next generation’s touch with an object that is not widely known and the perspectives that  will be created  for young people in this contest. Of course, the label industry will gain tremendous profit by meeting fresh ideas and the fact that there will be young people who will apply them will also be a huge benefit.

Entries will be accepted at www.Labelicious.eu from January 15th to May 15th 2019, and for more information, interested parties can also contact the ELSET offices, the Hellenic Label Association from here.




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